tenant resources

Certificates of Insurance   Insurance Requirements For Tenants
Insurance Requirements For Vendors
Notary Public Services   312-578-0804 (located in OSW Tenant Lounge)
Parking   ABM Monthly Rates
ABM Parking Form
Directions to OSW Parking Garage
Satellite TV Services   DIRECTV/USA Wireless; Providing DIRECTV sales, installation and service. 847-831-4561
(Warren Schoen x 11)
Telecom Providers   IMG Support Center:
To coordinate telecom provider services, please call riser manager IMG. Support center information is listed below:
2017 IMG Tenant Handbook
Email imgservice@img-connect.com
Phone 888-464-5520
Order Tenant Service img-connect.com/img-connect/

Verizon 800-899-4249
Cogent 877-875-4432
AT&T 888-944-0447
Comcast 866-621-1191
RCN 312-944-9950 (contact Ellyn Daniels)
Lightower Fiber Networks 312-955-2249
Work Order System   User Guide – Admin User
Tenant Guide – Work Order
Tenant Work Order – Training Video
User Guide - Property Removal Pass
The Hive Quick Start
The Hive Mobile App (iOS)
The Hive Mobile App (Android)
The Hive Building Engines Mobile App User Guide
OSW Tenant Service Rate Sheet
Visitor Registration   Easy Lobby User Guide
Newsletters   OSW 2nd Quarter 2017
OSW 3rd Quarter 2017
OSW 1st Quarter 2018
OSW 2nd Quarter 2018
OSW Concierge Calendar November 2018
Miscellaneous   Approved Movers
Bicycle Room Waiver & Release
Electric Desk Heater Instructions
Electric Desk Heater Specifications
Energy Star ComEd Form
OSW Construction Manual
Tenant Main Contact Form

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